EDITORIAL: Our reason why

Article content For the first edition of the Toronto Sun on November 1, 1971, the legendary founding editor, the late Peter Worthington, explained what things Toronto sun would represent in an editorial titled “Our reason why.” Article content On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the newspaper that started the Sun network, these are […]

Kingston, Ontario. celebrates the Halloween festivities for the first time since the pandemic began – Kingston | The Canadian News

The spooky scares and yummy treats are an exciting change for trick-or-treating doers who, after last year’s cancellations, were looking forward to a return to the Halloween holiday. The Halloween fun started early Sunday with a candy-filled corn maze at Fruition Berry Farm to mark the closing day of their fall season. Read more: Kingston […]

What are the agreements of the G20 summit in Rome?

The summit of G20 on Roma, the first face-to-face since 2019, addressed a range of challenges for two days, from the climate change until the coronavirus pandemic, going through a global corporation tax. Here are their main agreements. Climate The 20 most developed nations reaffirmed the objective of Paris Agreement: limit the rise in the […]

Ian Mulgrew: Discouraged by the raging death on the road in 2009, a man with hopes of being prime minister of Ontario returns to British Columbia as head of Legal Aid

Breadcrumb Trail Links Politics Opinion News Local news Columnists Michael Bryant to take over as CEO of Legal Aid BC in January Author of the article: Ian Mulgrew Attorney Michael Bryant Returns Home from Ontario to Become Director of Legal Aid BC Photo by MARK BLINCH /THE PRESS / CANADIAN ARCHIVES Article content Once considered […]