Friday, December 3

Union representatives saturate the Local Board in CDMX, before the new labor model enters

Union representatives in Mexico City saturate the Local Conciliation and Arbitration Board, before the new labor model that contemplates its disappearance is implemented, but above all new rules for labor relations.

From 6:00 in the morning – since last Monday – long lines begin to be made, where even the section of the first places can cost between 400 and 500 pesos, this in order to formally deposit a collective contract of work.

“Depositing a contract with a Local Board is important for some unions, they are local contracts, although they are part of local and federal unions, and the only reason is that they do not have to comply with the requirements that were imposed in the labour reform”Said Pablo Franco, president of the Union of Jurists of Mexico.

Mexico City is one of the last entities that will begin with the process of change in the labor model, since it is in the third stage that is scheduled for 2022.

Franco said that “the interest of depositing them now is that there are many contracts that are protection, but sooner or later they will have to show what is behind them a union organization legitimate ”.

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