Friday, December 3

Traffic light commission for bringing forward measures

In view of the “steep” increase in the number of infections, the Traffic Light Commission recommends that measures in the government’s step-by-step plan be given priority. In an evaluation available to, one specifically advocates introducing a nationwide FFP2 regulation indoors. Achieving vaccination goals could serve as a basis for relaxation. According to the Commission’s assessment, the risk of infection is currently very high in almost all of the country, in Burgenland and Vienna it is “only” high.

It is pointed out that Austria, with a rate of 62.3 percent, is still below average in terms of vaccination coverage compared to Western Europe. It is made quite clear that in “3-G” or unregulated settings there should be no distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated, but an FFP2 mask should be applied everywhere. However, this is not suggested for areas where one must be vaccinated or recovered.

Also focus on normal wards

Direct, personalized letters regarding vaccination are once again expressly welcomed by the Commission. It is also appealed to take the booster vaccinations that are due. In the opinion of the commission, one should focus more on what is happening at the normal wards. The increasing numbers would result in additional challenges to the intensive surface.

These demands, which are quite clear for the otherwise very cautious committee, result from the infection process in the country. Because red is the unpleasant trend color on the CoV traffic light. As expected, the responsible commission only classified Burgenland and Vienna in the orange sector, which indicates a high risk. In the other federal states as well as in the state as a whole, the traffic light lights up red. That means there is a very high risk of infection.

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