Friday, December 3

The family and one more

The legacy of our parents is something (I’m afraid) that only those of my generation have managed to keep (proud). I don’t think my children are talking around the way I talk about my father, much less using the teachings he gave to his nine children, of whom there are only three left.

Dad used to say that when you start talking about your father, you are getting old. I, who am 69 years old, have been talking about my father for a long time, I try to follow his advice and, above all, I never missed many of his sentences. For example, look where, there is one that usually comes to me like a glove when it comes to analyzing everything that happens around Barça and, of course, refers to the behavior of Joan Laporta, its board, its executives and even its guarantors, who, after all, although they deny it, have become the marrow of the first months in office.

Too many lies

“Emilio, never take you for a fool & rdquor ;. That is the key premise. As I am the first heretic, I will tell you that I was about, about, to write your name, but the four friends with whom I spoke before writing my articles (I already invented Carmen Mola’s formula years ago), they have recommended that you do not. “Not worth it & rdquor ;. I do think it’s worth it, but I won’t.

And I think it is worth it because when one is in a position of maximum responsibility in an entity like Barça, called ‘more than a club’, it does not have to be arrogant, nor haughty, nor spare anyone’s life when that ‘nobody ‘is right, arguments, sources and tells the truth of what is happening.

I know that as a heretic, many people think that nothing that Laporta does, his ‘cabin’, his relatives in the club, his advisers like the ‘minister without portfolio’, Alejandro Echevarría, your executives, that’s fine with me. I repeat, what bothers me is that they take me for a fool.

Font’s plan

On September 25, that is, more than a month ago, I wrote an article entitled ‘Neither plan a nor plan b; Xavi, Víctor Font’s plan. That same day, that important person, who is not even half a meter from Laporta, sent me a very kind, very polite washap, which began “dear Emilio & rdquor ;, where he assured me that I was wrong, wrong, that I had no idea what wrote. “From the outset I will tell you that Xavi is not & rdquor; option. Of course, he added that there were sectors, forces, people, humans (I swear, it said ‘humans’) who were very interested in Xavi being signed.

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He has lost, and by a landslide, my ‘dear Emilio’ and, in my eyes, as I understand that it has already happened to other journalists, he has lost all the credibility he had. I have to interpret, therefore, that Echevarría has managed to place his friend Xavi as he has already placed his friend Deco. The ‘cabin’ is increasing. And the families too, because Laporta’s family and that of Alexanko, to cite two public examples, the family of Xavi Hernández will now be added.

And all happy. Don’t take us for fools. Thanks Dad.

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