Friday, December 3

Puebla economic reactivation plan: new investments and 400 million pesos for the field

Puebla, Pue. The state government presented its economic reactivation plan called “Let it revive! Puebla! ”, Which will consist of announcing investments, meetings with local, national and foreign entrepreneurs so that they land projects through incentives, the application of 400 million pesos to the field, as well as carrying out cultural and artistic activities that attract tourism to generate spillovers, this planned between the months of November and January.

During his press conference, President Miguel Barbosa Huerta stressed that this plan also aims to recover the more than 21,000 jobs lost during the Covid-19 pandemic and that when the total reopening of economic activities occurs, it can generate the conditions for speed up to seek to achieve the goal.

However, the press conference did not say how many new investments and which sectors will be announced in the next three months.

Barbosa Huerta indicated that he will seek to approach entrepreneurs to invite them to invest in Puebla territory due to the competitive advantages that are offered in logistics, so he would start with German firms of which there are around 200 installed and that are linked above all to the Automotive industry, since it is the main commercial partner of the entity.

Later it would continue with businessmen from the United States, Europeans, Hispanics and Asians, this throughout the quarter planned for the program “Que reviva Puebla !.

In a virtual remote way, he was accompanied by the secretaries of Economy, Rural Development, Tourism and Culture so that each one could present the activities as part of the strategy.

Investment incentives

Olivia Salomón Vibaldo, Secretary of EconomyHe stressed that in the case of seeking new private investments, incentives will be offered according to the amount and number of jobs they generate, although he did not fully detail how they would be.

He indicated that meetings are planned with the 500 companies from Puebla or those with foreign capital, with greater commercial and productive activity, to see how to promote them also in the case of exports to expand their distribution channels.

The state official said that in 2021 63,749 new economic units were added throughout the state.

In addition, the head of the Rural Development Secretariat, Ana Laura Altamirano Pérez, said that the 400 million pesos will be to support just over 45,000 producers who plant corn, coffee, beans, amaranth, among other products; In addition, technical support will continue in the Value chains to strengthen them.

He added that, for the Good End, there will be a promotion of Poblano products in order to increase internal consumption, especially those that are seasonal.

Meanwhile, the secretariats of Culture and Tourism will carry out more than 100 activities to attract visitors, taking advantage of the Day of the Dead, Good End and the Christmas season.

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