Friday, December 3

Priest stabbed to death in Italy – life imprisonment

A jury court in the northern Italian city of Como today sentenced a 56-year-old Tunisian to life imprisonment who attacked and fatally wounded a priest on September 15, 2020. The judges rejected the defense’s argument that the perpetrator was insane. In their opinion, the perpetrator planned the murder of the priest.

The killing of the Catholic priest Roberto Malgesini in the street had caused consternation and sympathy in Italy. The 51-year-old clergyman was known for his special commitment to refugees. The Tunisian had been illegally in the country for years. The act took place in the center of Como, when Malgesini was apparently in the process of distributing breakfast to the needy.

After the attack, the blood-smeared perpetrator turned up at a police station a few hundred meters away. To date, there is no reliable information about the motif. According to media reports, the perpetrator is said to have suffered from “psychological problems”. Several deportation orders have been issued against him since 2015. Most recently he stayed in a homeless shelter in Como.

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