Friday, December 3

Nerze: Danish head of government under pressure because of SMS

The controversial mass killing of breeding malts around a year ago is causing renewed trouble for Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen: A commission set up to investigate the events tried in vain to receive text messages from Frederiksen in connection with the illegal culling. On the advice of her office, however, all SMS were automatically deleted after 30 days, Frederiksen told TV2 today.

The process raised questions. Frederiksen’s predecessor Lars Lokke Rasmussen assured that his phone was never set to automatically delete SMS. The Ministry of Justice made a similar statement today on behalf of Head of Office Nick Haekkerup. The opposition asked the Justice Minister to initiate a police investigation and have the deleted messages restored.

Culling against virus mutation

The Danish government announced in November that it would kill all 15 to 17 million farmed ores. This was to prevent the spread of a mutated and human-transmittable form of SARS-CoV-2, which was feared that it could affect the effectiveness of future vaccines.

As it turned out later, there was no legal basis for the measure. This was only created in retrospect. The Mink Commission is now to examine in detail how the government has dealt with the problem. Frederiksen is due to testify on December 9th.

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