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Edmonton Elks Gets Help With COVID-19 Rapid Testing From Local Business

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The Edmonton Elks are using a local company, Test n Travel, to provide rapid tests for COVID-19 this season.

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“It’s actually kind of cool. I grew up in Edmonton, so it’s nice to be based in Edmonton and to support getting people back to gaming, ”said Carmen Charlton, co-founder and clinical director of Test n Travel.

For the remainder of this season’s home games, the company will offer fan quizzes at the front gate of Commonwealth Stadium.

“We’ve been chatting with them (the Elks) as a viable solution for a while and once they got their games up and running we thought we could be very accessible and affordable for people to test at the Elk Games,” he said. Charlton.

A team of collection and testing personnel, around seven people, were at last night’s game testing the fans.

According to Charlton, fans can download an app and receive their test results directly to their phone in about 20 minutes.

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“Essentially, as soon as we have the results, you have them,” Charlton said.

Charlton also went on to say that this service isn’t just for Elks fans either. Test n Travel arrives at Commonwealth Stadium about three to four hours before the game starts and anyone can take a quick test.

“It’s very convenient and affordable … and they can also use it in any restaurant or establishment after the game, so it’s a good pass to wherever they want to go,” Charlton said.

The cost of the test is $ 40 on the spot. Test n Travel was started in early 2020 to help with COVID-19 testing due to the public system being overwhelmed.

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