Sunday, October 17

YOU SAID IT: Ungrateful of him

Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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Re: WAITING FOR TKACHUK: Senators Prepare To Open Season With No Star Left, Online Edition, Oct 12

So a supposed $ 8 million per year for eight years is not enough for Mr. T? Want a bridge deal so you can become an unrestricted free agent after three years and go for more money? It’s ungrateful of him to mock the Sens, who are talking about possibly naming him captain of the team.

It reminds me of Eric Lindros and his nosy parents. Leave it now! She is proving to be a prima donna and will cause nothing but trouble in the future.



(As frustrating as it is for fans, the child cannot be blamed for putting his own interests first.)


I can’t believe how the Canadian people can simply give up the rights our elders fought for – the Bill of Rights and Freedoms. The right to earn a living, the right to choose what to put on our body, freedom of expression.


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The government is supposed to protect our rights and freedoms, but now it says that if you are not vaccinated you cannot work for the government, the hospitals are telling the nurses that they must get vaccinated to work in the hospital when they need it. They worked through the worst of the pandemic without getting vaccinated and never got COVID, but now they need to get vaccinated to keep their jobs. What happened to the right to earn a living?

Now you cannot travel by plane or train unless you are doubly vaccinated when the vaccinated can spread the virus just as well as the unvaccinated, and we are told that being vaccinated will protect them from a severe case, so what are they afraid of?

That is not freedom. We have lost the right to choose.


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The Charter is there to protect us all, vaccinated and not vaccinated, but the governments, federal and provincial, are taking away these rights, and this has to end. If not, we turn to communism.

It started with vaccinations, now it’s your jobs and the freedom to travel. What will be next? Oh, of course, freedom of speech.

We are told to do what they say or otherwise. Well, enough is enough. We need to defend our rights before it is too late and everything is taken from us.


(Our society is dividing).


All leaders, political, business, religious, educational, health, trade unions, etc., must demand that those who lead be protected from all those who threaten their health and safety. Refusing to be immunized against a fatal disease does not give anyone the right to inflict danger on others. Opposing mandatory vaccinations ensures chaos in civil society. No one should be forced to work where their own life is unnecessarily threatened.


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(Let’s focus less on rights and more on responsibilities.)


Sadly, we have become a form of caste system in this country. The privileged who are “empty” and the mob who are not. In all my years living in this nation, I have never witnessed such poison coming from members of the public, politicians, experts and, of course, from social media. These people are barred from restaurants, bars, gyms, and other venues, and then they won’t be able to go to grocery stores and will be forced to shop at open-air markets, possibly begging for food in the winter months. Look for them so they can’t have repair people visit their abodes because they didn’t get the miracle jab.

It sounds far-fetched, but not so fast, it’s already happening and the way these people are treated is absolutely disgraceful.



(Good OK.)



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