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Winnipeg Family Reunion with Missing Cat 2 Years Later, Thanksgiving Miracle – Winnipeg | The Canadian News

It’s a Thanksgiving miracle.

A Winnipeg family has been reunited with a furry friend nearly two years after he disappeared.

Dana Curtaz told Global News that her cat Maggie, only one year old at the time, disappeared in October 2019 after the death of her best friend, a black lab named Annie, who had cancer.

“Maggie and Annie were best friends, so when Annie was humiliated, Maggie was in a bad mood,” Curtaz said.

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“There was a day, a few days after Annie’s death, that we opened the back door and (Maggie) left, and she never came back. We thought, ‘maybe he’s looking for Annie.’

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“My husband went looking for her in the neighborhood, asked people if they had seen her, I made flyers, we put them in people’s mailboxes, we posted photos everywhere and we never knew what happened to her.”

Curtaz said that after a while, they lost hope that Maggie, who had been an indoor cat all her life and had no experience on the street, would be seen again.

To fill the void left by Annie’s death and Maggie’s disappearance, Curtaz said another cat, another dog and, recently, a new puppy had joined the family, and then heard the news Sunday night.

Dana Curtaz and Maggie after their reunion.

Dana Curtaz and Maggie after their reunion.

Featured / Dana Curtaz

“On Sunday after the family left, right after Thanksgiving dinner, I got a message from Missing Cat Alert that said, ‘Your cat was found and this lady has her cat who has been missing for two years, ‘”he said.

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“I called her and she told me that she had been feeding Maggie since July, and finally, after three months, she gained enough confidence to be able to look at the tattoo in her ear.”

The number on Maggie’s tattoo led to Curtaz and their unexpected reunion, although it took the cat a little time to revert to her old habits.

“She’s a very skittish cat, so I think at first I wasn’t sure,” she said.

“At first we installed her in our guest room … and my husband and I took turns going into the room and spending time with her to try to get her used to us. In fact, he slept with me last night in my room, and I think now he knows who we are.

“I’ll take her to the vet on Friday, check her, she will need to be dewormed and she will definitely need to have her claws trimmed, because they are dangerously sharp, especially if we are going to try to integrate her with the other pets in the house.”

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Somehow, during her two years in the wild, Maggie found her way through town, in St. James, after starting in Transcona, a journey that Curtaz, or anyone else, will never know all the details of.

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For now though, he’s happy that Maggie is back where she belongs.

“It haunted me for a long time,” he said.

“I felt guilty that I let her out, and I always wondered what would have become of her. She was gone longer than she was alive, she was a year old when she disappeared and now she is three. “

Curtaz said Maggie is “really calm” now that she’s home, and has already befriended one of her new housemates, a golden retriever, and is working to introduce her to the other four-legged residents.

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