The pandemic and lack of aid for early childhood education forces the closure of 1,000 nurseries in Spain

Related news The Covid-19 pandemic has condemned nearly 1,000 private early childhood education centers to closure. This is how the Association of Autonomous Private Education Centers (ACADE) with official data from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training that reflect that this type of educational center has gone from being 5,362 in the 2019-2020 academic […]

COVID-19: Saskatoon Mother Frustrated After Son’s Appointments, Surgery Canceled | The Canadian News

A Saskatoon mother is frustrated and anxious about her son’s medical care now that some surgeries, appointments and organ transplants are indefinitely canceled in Saskatchewan until COVID-19 numbers drop. Read more: The rise of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan is putting pressure on the healthcare system, organ donations stopped Keeley Buckley wants to remind people that others […]

Grace Period for Wallet Cards Under BC’s Vaccine Passport System Ends Monday | The Canadian News

Starting Monday, British Columbia residents who wish to access a variety of non-essential services will be required to show their official BC vaccination card. When the province’s vaccine passport system went into effect on September 13, the province gave people a two-week grace period to download their vaccine card. Read more: Penticton Brewery breaches promise […]

The impassive volcanologist

Almost more than with the volcano, I am fascinated with volcanologists. None are volcanic. The guild is admirably impassive. The distance with their object of study, the renunciation of all mimesis, brutally differentiates them from our political scientists, those scientists of partisan argumentation. If volcanologists had the same relationship with volcanoes that political scientists had […]

The sad war of the flags

If our commitment as a country is to make Spanish as a common language disappear, how are we going to defend our own identity, which we have had for five centuries, against English, Chinese or Arabic? thecanadianThe Canadian News Canada’s largets news curation site with over 20+ agency partners

The centrist lesson from Germany to Spain

The results of the German elections illuminate a reality: the country is committed to moderation and turns its back on the siren songs of extremists and populists. Whether the Social Democrats rule or the Christian Democrats, with the predictable alliances that we explain in this rostrum, Germany will maintain the path of tranquility. A continuity […]

Culture, the path to sustainable development

Culture is a instrument for social progressly plays a cross-cutting and crucial role in the path towards equal opportunities set by the 2030 Agenda. There is no specific Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) defined for it, but goals such as gender equality, decent work and economic growth, or the sustainability of cities and communities, are imbued […]