Sunday, October 17

Puigdemont, after being released from prison: “Spain never misses the opportunity to make a fool of itself”

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The ‘former president’ of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont has assured this Friday that “Spain never loses the opportunity to make a fool of itself” after leaving the Bancari prison, in Sàsser, on the island of Sardinia (Italy), less than a day after being arrested when he arrived at the airport in l’Alguer.

“We have always thought that (the arrest) could happen, but we also knew how it could end, because the decision of the General Court of the EU It is very clear, and today it has been seen. Spain never misses the opportunity to make a fool of itself, “he said shortly after leaving prison, surrounded by crowds of people, including the president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, and the Minister of Foreign Action, Victoria Alsina.

After emphasizing that he has “experience” in this type of case, he reiterated that he is fine -in response to how he is-, and has praised the professionalism and treatment provided by the police and the Italian prison guard.

After walking a few meters, finally the ‘ex-president and also the leader of Junts has gotten into a car and left, while concentrating on the place they shouted ‘Independence’.

Laura Borràs has explained in her social networks that the president of the Sardinian Parliament and the president of Sardinia have entered the prison before the departure of Puigdemont.

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