Friday, September 24

Some users are starting to get the “Material You” update for Google Photos.

Google’s Material You design language is coming to a ton of apps this month, including the beta version of Google Chrome, Google Keep, Gmail, Google Meet, Google Calendar and more.

Now some users say they are seeing the update in the Google Photos app.

Detected by Android Police, the updated Photos app will offer muted pastels, kind of like the Keep app. Mostly Android 12 devices are getting this update, but reports indicate that older devices are seeing it too.

The app will feature an oval search bar, oval highlights in the navigation panel at the bottom, and a rounded ‘shared’ album button.

It seems to lack the ‘Dynamic Color’ feature and it only combines light or dark basic themes, but does not fit your wallpaper.

According to AP, the update doesn’t seem to be tied to any version of the app. The ‘Dynamic Color’ update is also likely to arrive when Android 12 is officially released. Android 12 is rumored to be officially released on October 4.

Image Credit: Android Police

Source: Android Police

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