Friday, September 24

Two NDP candidates resign over Twitter comments

Two NDP candidates resigned after comments on social media sparked backlash.

The party confirmed that Dan Osborne, candidate in the riding of Cumberland-Colchester in Nova Scotia, and Sidney Coles, candidate in Toronto-St. Paul’s, ended their campaign and “agreed to learn more about anti-Semitism.”

“New Democrats are united against discrimination of all kinds. We are determined to take lasting and meaningful action to end prejudice and hatred in all its forms, ”said George Soule, NDP spokesperson.

Ms Coles, who has since deleted her Twitter account, reportedly said Israel was linked with the disappearance of COVID-19 vaccines.

The leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh, condemned the messages during a campaign shutdown on Tuesday, but did not demand his resignation.

Mr Singh stressed that the candidate has apologized and that he was encouraged to see a clear apology and a complete withdrawal of comments.

Mr. Osborne reportedly wrote to Oprah Winfrey on Twitter in 2019 to ask her if Auschwitz was a real place. He responded to the backlash of the Twitter post over the weekend by saying he wrote it when he was a teenager.

“I want to apologize,” Osborne wrote on Sunday, adding that Auschwitz and the Holocaust should never be forgotten.

“Anti-Semitism must be fought and stopped. I don’t remember posting this, I was 16 then and can honestly say I didn’t mean to hurt. “

When asked on Tuesday whether candidates should step down because of anti-Semitic comments, Singh said there was no room among New Democrats for racism or prejudice.

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