Friday, September 24

Several Canadian carriers now offer pre-registration to pre-order the iPhone 13 Pro

After yesterday’s massive Apple event, several Canadian carriers have updated their websites with pre-registration forms and iPhone 13 pages.

Unfortunately, the price is not published yet (keep an eye out for MobileSyrup for the latest on that), but you can read up on the iPhone 13 and pre-register to pre-order when orders go live on September 17. Here are the carriers and flanker brands that have pre-registration forms and include links to the forms:

Interestingly, Bell did not have a pre-registration page, but on the carrier’s home page there was an image of the iPhone 13 Pro and a text that said “Ordered on September 17”. Other carriers and flanker brands don’t mention the iPhone 13, although I’m sure that will change as we get closer to the pre-order date of September 17.

Those who pre-register sign up to receive updates from that carrier on iPhone pre-orders when they go live likely later this week.

If you’re not interested in getting an iPhone 13 or 13 Pro from a carrier, or if you’re looking to buy one of Apple’s other fancy new devices (like the refurbished iPad mini), you can check out our full Canadian price breakdown. here.

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