Friday, September 24

Maroto promises to include the production of essential drugs in the health PERTE

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The Minister of Industry, Tourism and Trade, Reyes Maroto, has announced that the next health PERTE will include the production of essential drugs in Spain. An injection of capital that, as explained, will aim to “create a strategic reserve of these resources” for future situations of health crisis.

During the celebration of the ‘II Health Observatory Symposium: The Lessons of Covid-19’, organized by EL ESPAÑOL and Invertia, the head of the Industry portfolio has expanded some of the main lines of the next Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) proposed by the Government of Spain.

“It is aimed at encouraging biomedical research that combines basic and clinical research and strengthens Spain’s leadership in this field. It also raises the local production of essential drugs that would suppose a strategic reserve of these resources in situations of sanitary crisis “, has added.

5. Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce

Thus, this PERTE will be oriented to the “direct” application of the creation of knowledge to the health field, making Spain “a leader at the European level”. “IT IS a great opportunity to promote biomedical research from a triple perspective: health, economic and social.”

“The objective of PERTE will be to incorporate innovative advances in biotechnology, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and clinical management of patients,” added the Minister of Industry.

In the same way, the minister has also advanced some of the lines of the new Plan Profarma (in collaboration with the Ministry of Health) in which your department is working.

In this regard, Maroto has opted to continue promoting all those activities that “are fundamental” such as investment in new industrial plants or new technologies for production “promoting research, development and innovation”.

Taking advantage of the fact that he was before some of the most important representatives of the sector, Maroto has announced other of the “transversal investments” that his department has launched. As funds to support productive investment that have a budget of 600 million euros or two calls to support innovation in digitization “with an investment of close to 200 million euros”.

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