DISPLAY IT AS A FAITHFUL! Dr. Polo is exposed by Karina Banda, Carlos Ponce’s wife in an unexpected video: “You are evil.” (VIDEO)

A phony? Dr. Polo is exposed Karina Banda, Carlos Ponce’s wife, was the one who had the Doctor exhibited Case Closed kept many ‘secrets’ An Instagram account called ‘Chico Farándula’ dedicated to the news of the show took out a secret from the program ‘Caso Cerrado’ by Dra Polo, and the one involved is neither […]

US commemorates 9/11 amid internal divisions

During the 20 years of 9/11 ceremonies, near the New York Memorial, on September 11, 2021. JOHN MINCHILLO / AP America’s past and present became entangled on Saturday, September 11, during the commemoration ceremonies for the attacks committed twenty years ago by Al-Qaida. At the sites of the attacks, the United States paid a moving […]


Barack Obama pays tribute to the heroes of the September 11 attack Internet users give everything to the former president on social networks “What about the people of Afghanistan? They still suffer from terrorism “ Barack Obama Twin Towers. After 20 years of some of the most critical moments that the United States has passed […]