Seven nudges to sweeten the lives of parents

MORNING LIST Without being the miracle solution, apps and podcasts can be digital allies for families in day-to-day management. OLIX WIRTINGER / FANCY / GRAPHICOBSESSION It’s go again ! During this back-to-school period, it is necessary, as every year, to lead all the parental battles of September head-on: in the radius of the essentials that […]

Novus offers Internet plans with constant speed and prices

British Columbia’s largest independent home phone, TV and Internet provider, Novus, has announced that it offers high-speed home Internet with a three-year price guarantee and no contractual obligations. Novus has four Internet plans that it currently offers. Check them out below: Internet 100: download and upload speeds of up to 100 Mbps with unlimited use […]

Exhibition: Georgia O’Keeffe beyond fashions

“Black Door with Red” (1954), by Georgia O’Keeffe, oil on canvas. CHRYSLER MUSEUM OF ART, NORFOLK / GEORGIA O’KEEFFE MUSEUM / ADAGP, PARIS, 2021 We may have seen a lot, we may know what an immense painter she was, all the same: the works of the American Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986) have the capacity to surprise […]

Ford government announces new federal ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ holiday of Sept. 30 will not be an official holiday in Ontario

Three weeks before the new National Truth and Reconciliation Day, Ontario has announced that September 30 will not be a provincial holiday, meaning that only federally regulated businesses and organizations in the province will have the day off. While other provinces had already announced their plans, indigenous leaders and the business community were still waiting […]

Les Francos de Montréal cancel their pre-opening concert

Les Francos de Montreal are canceling StudioFest at the last minute, supposed to be held Wednesday evening. This “pre-opening” concert of the festival must be postponed until next week. Radio-Canada and the Francos, the organizations responsible for the event, refuse to comment on this cancellation. “We are obliged to cancel the StudioFest which was to […]

Who is leading the new government of Afghanistan? This is what we know about the top Taliban officials. – Latin Time

(c) 2021, The Washington Post – Rachel Pannett Afghanistan’s new government in charge, announced on September 7, is made up entirely of hardliners from the Taliban known for their closeness to the movement’s late founding leader, one-eyed cleric Muhammad Omar – which could complicate efforts to restart the economy and restore relations with the international […]

Kingston, Ontario. Mayor ‘Shocked’ by College District Parties: ‘It’s Disrespectful’ – Kingston | The Canadian News

Some Queen’s University students did not expect them to begin their school year to receive significant subpoenas from Kingston police and ordinance officers. But that’s the reality after large illegal parties were thrown in the University District over the Labor Day long weekend. Some of those parties, Kingston police confirmed, had 3,500 to 5,000 people […]