The city of Agen hit by torrential rains

Firefighters patrol the flooded streets of Agen on September 8, 2021. PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP a “Absolute record” of rains fell, Wednesday, September 8 evening, on Agen (Lot-et-Garonne), causing flooding in part of the city but without causing victims. In less than three hours, from the beginning of the evening, a cumulative rainfall of “129.6 […]

Pebble throw. Vitriol. Protests in hospitals. Are they just ‘anti-vaccine mobs’ or a new form of Canadian political violence?

If it had been just the pebbles, that would not have been far from the realm of expectations for a Canadian election, said Amarnath Amarasingam, an extremism expert at Queen’s University who has been watching crowds protesting liberal leader Justin Trudeau with fear. After all, it is a federal election. It is conceivable to imagine […]

‘Indigenous knowledge keeper’ Suzy Kies resigns

‘Indigenous knowledge keeper’ Suzy Kies steps down as co-chair of the Indigenous Peoples Commission of Liberal Party of Canada. The one who helped the Providence Catholic School Board to destroy 5,000 books deemed harmful to the First Nations still wants to “continue [son] work to advance reconciliation ”. In an email sent to To have […]

Earthquake in Mexico: a 7.1 magnitude earthquake with an epicenter near Acapulco shakes the center and south of the country – El Tiempo Latino

The walls of some hotels and buildings in Acapulco fell during the earthquake, exposing the interior of the houses. A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Acapulco, in southern Mexico, on Tuesday and killed at least one person. The earthquake, which occurred at 8:47 p.m. local time (01.47 GMT), was so intense that the earthquake was also […]

Opinion | Spatial inspiration

INSPIRACIÓN The group that will travel to space / @ inspiration4x Although the conquest of space represented a battlefield during the Cold War, the truth is that today that desire for the space race has moved to the realm of great billionaires such as Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos who last July showed their Advances […]

Towards a carbon neutral Community of Madrid

In my last inauguration speech, I promised to make the Community of Madrid the greenest, cleanest and freest region in Europe. Reducing CO₂ emissions in cities is one of the greatest environmental, economic and social challenges facing European regions in the coming years. From the Community of Madrid we will continue to put all the […]

Bitcoin in El Salvador | “This is not for us poor people”: how the country experienced the first day of official use of cryptocurrency – El Tiempo Latino

Marvin romero El Salvador, special for BBC News Mundo Three dollars a day, when lucky, is what Francisca Rivas manages to collect by selling in a popular market in the north of San Salvador. With that, less than US$100 a monthShe must support her three granddaughters, ages 12, 9 and 4. “We are poor people […]

The announced bitcoin disaster in El Salvador

The one that has been bundled in El Salvador. Since Tuesday became the first country in the world to accept Bitcoin As legal tender, the project looks more like a circus that the dwarfs do not stop growing: citizen protests, international criticism, technical failures and, as if that were not enough, an unusual collapse in […]

In Chile, the Covid-19 shakes the funded pension system

Demonstration against pension fund administrators, in Santiago, Chile, in December 2020. IVAN ALVARADO / REUTERS It was in the heart of the southern winter, in July 2020. Endless queues stretched out at dawn in front of financial institutions: Chileans flocked to claim part of their retirement savings, after a decision history of Parliament giving the […]

Global News Peterborough Update 4: September 8, 2021 | Watch news videos online

NEWS UPDATE with Keri FergusonThe Peterborough Kawartha candidates face today in two debates; Between August 30 and September 3, customers at the Canoe and Paddle restaurant in Lakefield may have been exposed to COVID-19; Peterborough Public Health no longer takes ticks for testing; 7 Day Weather Outlook with Caley Bedore. thecanadianThe Canadian News Canada’s […]

Biden prepares new measures to deal with COVID-19

POLITICS. The president awaits actions against the outbreak / EFE The White House reported this Wednesday that President Joe Biden will provide details on new measures to face the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, with mandates, tests and regulations in the educational area according to each state and vaccination rates. and positive […]

Views of your corners of the landscape

The landscape is the imprint of humans on nature, or nature on humans. Whether you occupy it, or admire it, the territory becomes significant when it bears witness to this close relationship and the values ​​of the time. Cultural, humanized or heritage, depending on the denomination, the landscape is increasingly valued as a collective good […]