The SDGs turn black for Afghanistan

Night is closing in on Afghanistan. Many will have a presentiment that “after the night, the longest night will come.” They will do it especially those who are there, those who stay. Photos and images hurt less when they are not our neighbors. But You have to put yourself in the shoes of any of […]

America’s Historic Failure in Afghanistan

The rapid entry of the Taliban into Kabul and the ease with which the insurgents have planted their flag in the rest of the country close the chronicle of the historic failure of the United States in Afghanistan. Despite the twenty years of efforts, the hundreds of billions of dollars invested and the thousands of […]

Advocacy Group Launches Petition Urging Ontario To Make COVID-19 Vaccines Mandatory For Education Workers

TO petition it has been launched urging the Ontario government to “take steps to protect face-to-face learning” with mandatory vaccinations for education workers. The Coalition for Children, a group made up of doctors, researchers and parents who defend the rights and needs of children, is behind the online petition, signed by 150 people since early […]

Novelist Javier Cercas sets Catalonia ablaze

FRED PEAULT TOnear his detective story Terra Alta (Actes Sud, 320 pages, 22.50 euros), the writer Javier Cercas released in Spain, in March, the second episode of the adventures of the Catalan inspector Melchor Marin. In Independence (“Independence”, ed. Tusquets), whose action takes place around 2025, the police officer, former delinquent and son of a […]