Sunday, October 17

Titles in action: General Motors, Honda, Toyota, Sony

Here is a selection of announcements that have made (or will make) move the prices of these companies:

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General Motors (GM, US $ 57.88) returned to the green in the second quarter as the automaker sells more for the vehicles it makes, and raised its full-year forecast despite the semiconductor shortage which slows down its production. The American group posted a net profit of 2.8 billion US dollars (US $) from April to June, against a loss of 800 million US $ for the same period a year earlier, with a turnover almost doubled to US $ 34.2 billion. The group, like the entire automotive sector, has suffered since the start of the year from a lack of semiconductors, elements that have become essential in cars loaded with electronics. The situation on the semiconductor side remains unpredictable, GM believes, and supply chain challenges will persist into the second half of the year. This does not prevent the group from raising its forecasts. The US auto leader still expects operating profit of between US $ 11.5 billion and US $ 13.5 billion for the full year, up from US $ 10 to 11 billion previously. The group also expects adjusted earnings per share and excluding exceptional items of between 5.40 and 6.40 US $ against 4.50 to 5.25 US $ previously.

Japanese Honda (HMC, US $ 32.86) raised its annual forecast on Wednesday, betting that its continued efforts to cut costs will offset negative factors like the semiconductor shortage and the current resurgence of the coronavirus, mainly in Asia. The automaker now expects a net profit of 670 billion yen (7.7 billion Canadian dollars), against a previous forecast of 590 billion yen. This would represent an increase of 1.9% compared to its 2020-2021 annual fiscal year, which ended on March 31. He is also more confident about its annual operating profit, targeting 780 billion yen now, against a previous target of 660 billion yen. The group has also revised its annual turnover target upwards, from 15,200 to 15,450 billion yen (178 billion dollars). This would mean a recovery of 17.3% year on year. In its first quarter 2021-2022, which started on April 1, Honda posted net profit of 222.5 billion yen ($ 2.6 billion), compared to a loss of 80.8 billion yen a year earlier, at the time of the very strong initial impact of the pandemic on the global economy. Its operating profit from April to the end of June was 243.2 billion yen, down from a loss of 113.6 billion yen a year earlier, and its quarterly sales totaled 3,583.8 billion yen ( $ 41.3 billion), a rebound of nearly 69% year-on-year.

The Japanese automotive giant Toyota (TM, US $ 185.95) on Wednesday posted sharply higher year-over-year results for its first quarter 2021-2022, but did not raise its annual forecast due to many “uncertainties” hanging over the rest of the market. exercise. Its net profit for the April-June period increased more than fivefold over one year, totaling 897.8 billion yen (10.3 billion Canadian dollars), thanks to the dynamic recovery of its activity after the initial impact. of the pandemic. This is a record net profit for the group’s first quarter, a Toyota spokesperson told AFP. Its operating profit reached 997.5 billion yen, and its quarterly sales jumped 72.5% year on year to 7,935.6 billion yen ($ 91.4 billion). Toyota still expects an annual net profit of 2.3 trillion yen ($ 26.5 billion), which would be an increase of 2.4% year on year, as well as an operating profit of 2.5 trillion yen, i.e. + 13.8% over one year. Likewise, it continues to forecast annual sales of 30 trillion yen ($ 345 billion), for volume sales of 10.55 million units for the full year. for all its brands.

Japanese Sony (SONY, US $ 103.68) on Wednesday raised some forecasts for its fiscal year which began in early April, after increased sales in the first quarter despite the comparison with its record results last year, which had been boosted by its games division video. For the current fiscal year 2021-2022, Sony now expects an operating profit of 980 billion yen (11.3 billion Canadian dollars) instead of a forecast of 930 billion yen previously, thanks in particular to the outlook. improved for its music, cinema and electronic products divisions (excluding video games). The group also now forecasts an annual net profit of 700 billion yen (8 billion dollars) against 660 billion yen at the end of April. However, this would represent a drop of 40% over one year, its 2020-2021 net profit having been inflated by exceptional effects, in particular on the tax front. “This upward revision is a surprise,” Hideki Yasuda of the Ace Research Institute told AFP. “Sales of cameras and music streaming (in the first quarter, editor’s note) were better than expected.” Sony, on the other hand, left its annual revenue target unchanged at 9.7 trillion yen (about 111 billion dollars, which would be an increase of about 8% over one year).

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