Friday, September 24

Vicarious violence in prime time: Telecinco takes its chest out of the embrace of Rocío Carrasco’s son with Olga Moreno

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After months of talking about vicarious violence and media violence after the issuance of the docuseries Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive, Telecinco showed last night the best of the examples in full prime time: the embrace of the son of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores with Olga Moreno in the final of Survivors 2021.

After a more than controversial contest, with his signing tied hours before the announcement of the broadcast of the docuserie and with the network allowing him to make all kinds of tricks, Olga Moreno was proclaimed winner of Survivors 2021 ahead of Gianmarco, Melyssa and Lola.

But the controversy did not stop there. After Rocío Flores melted into a hug with her father’s wife and told her that the whole family was very proud of her contest, someone on set ‘pushed’ his brother David Flores so that he would also appear on screen to hug her.

This moment was used by the presenter Carlos Sobera to put a microphone on him and make him speak. “You are the best survivor in all history, you have done everything super well. You are the best person I have ever met in my life. Your name is Olga Moreno, the best in the world, “said the young man in what was his first television appearance.

This scene caused anger in social networks, which led social networks to make the hashtag ‘vicarious violence’ a topic of the moment, accusing the show’s producer, Bulldog TV, and the chain of accomplices of abuse.

Nonetheless, from the web of the chain breast is taken out of this moment, occupying a prominent place on the cover under the headline “Olga Moreno’s emotional reunion with Rocío and David Flores:” You are the best person I have ever met in my life.

This hug would never have occurred without the complicity of Telecinco. And it is that, cas we have been insisting for months, although it has been the public that has now proclaimed Olga Moreno the winner of SurvivorsThis would not have happened without the complicity of Telecinco. Do not forget that Mediaset tied the signing of Antonio David Flores’ wife at the end of last March just a few hours before announcing the premiere of Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive.

To this questionable strategy must also be added the fact that week after week the organization of Survivors he has allowed Antonio David Flores’ wife to commit numerous traps, without receiving any kind of punishment. “Thanks to senior officials, they know why”, he pointed out a few weeks ago in a plea.

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    The presumption of innocence in Spain outweighs a documentary with the smell of tvmovie. Olga Winner. #OlgaGanadoraSV2021

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