Friday, September 24

Olympic Games 2021: surfing and skateboarding, new official disciplines

Several sports have entered the Olympic Games this year. About a hundred kilometers from Tokyo, à Tsurigasaki, twenty surfers will inaugurate one of these new events.

After 10 years of practice, and with four titles in my pocket, American Carissa Moore is one of the stars of the discipline, since it has become theyoungest champion in World League history at 18 : _ “When I was little it wasn’t even something I dreamed of because it wasn’t possible. It’s only in the last few years that it has become real. It’s so cool that surfing either on the main stage, at this level “. _

Very young skateboarders

the skateboard also makes its appearance at the Olympics. 80 men and women, coming from about twenty countries, will therefore make history. Several of them are very young, such as 15-year-old Australian Hayley Wilson: “It’s super cool to see all these kids playing this sport. When I started some competitions, I was the youngest at 15, and now there are 11, 12 year olds who are winning gold. at the X Games, or win the Street League. It’s really exciting to see that development. “

In this new discipline, five French were selected. At 15, Madeleine Larcheron is the youngest tricolor athlete for these 2021 Olympic Games.

Six new sports

Six new disciplines are entering the games program this year. These are karate, surfing, rock climbing, skateboarding and baseball-softball. In total, 33 sports are represented.

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