Friday, September 24

Lithuania: they protest against the temporary accommodation of refugees

A thieves, a small town located in the south of Lithuania, near the Belarusian border, they were a few dozen to protest against the government’s plan: to host approximately 500 refugees in an abandoned building.

Protesters tried to prevent workers from transforming it into a temporary accommodation center. The authorities therefore sent negotiators, as well as a riot police unit.

thieves was described by officials, whose Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte, like a “secure place“which also has government property ready for use. The city is located on a small piece of land jutting out into Belarus and almost completely surrounded by its border, connected to the rest of Lithuania by an isthmus 2.5 kilometers long. wide with only one road.

Migration crisis

As Lithuania goes through an unprecedented migration crisis, the government is struggling to find temporary accommodation or expand detention centers.

This year in Lithuania, more than 2,000 refugees have already been detained, this is thirty times more than in 2020. The government has established a national emergency and sent troops to help border guards, while parliament has restricted the rights of those detained.

La Prime Minister said migrants should be accommodated in some municipalities since they could not “levitate in the air“.

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