Saturday, July 24

TVE will choose its Eurovision representative in a new three-galas festival in Benidorm

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This morning, RTVE announced the news about the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Thus, it has been confirmed that the Benidorm Festival spirit will be rescued in an event that will serve as a preselection for the artist representing Spanish Television in Italy next May. There will be three galas, two semifinals and a grand final, which will be broadcast at the beginning of the year.

For Toni Pérez, the mayor of Benidorm, the Levantine city is “the best place to catapult voices, music and songs” and he took advantage of his intervention to “encourage composers, musicians and performers” to participate in this contest.

According to José Manuel Pérez Tornero, the president of the Corporation, the objective of this bet is “to empower young people, generate employment and regain hope”. As he explained, Ximo Puig came up with the idea of ​​“uniting the intergenerational nostalgia for Benidorm with a commitment to the transformation of the future”, which has resulted in this strong commitment to the Festival. “They aspire to win in the future. We come here to win, to give young music a chance ”with the intention of“ abandoning melancholy and bad results ”.

For his part, Ximo Puig stressed that the Valencian Community is a “land of musicians” and highlighted the Benidorm Festival. Regarding the project, he highlights how it combines “music, Europe and Hope”. Thus, he recalled how Eurovision emerged as a way to unite Europe after World War II, and believes that now there is “a certain parallel” while we are “coming out of the pandemic in what is the soul and the joint emotion that can only be lived through art, music and culture ”.

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