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Health pass: in amusement parks, the apocalypse did not take place

“Hide your water bottle, otherwise they’ll take it from you!” “ Having taken her daughter and now her grandchildren there, Bernadette Camus knows the tricks of entry control at La Mer de sable, a family amusement park in the forest of Ermenonville (Oise). But there is one thing she does not want to cheat on: the presentation of the health pass. “At least we are sure that infected people will not be present, rejoices the Casteltheodoricienne (from Chateau-Thierry, in the Aisne). Since the time, we had the choice to be vaccinated. Today, we must stop being stubborn! “

On Wednesday July 21, the leisure parks experienced the health pass and it was not the apocalypse. Customers continued to arrive and no one, neither at Parc Astérix nor at La Mer de Sable, both located in the Oise, caused a scandal.

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Anna-Elsa and Meier, who came from Saint-Mandé (Val-de-Marne), were the first to be turned away from La Mer de sable. However, they had chosen this day of establishment of the health pass to visit the park with their three children, hoping to find fewer people there. Bad pickaxe: the crowd is there and their pass has beeped red. Anna-Elsa flogs herself: “We didn’t make our arrangements. I had my vaccine on Friday. “

The second dose, or single dose for former Covid-19 patients, like her, must have been taken at least seven days ago. The account is not there. “In addition, we were vaccinated to be able to go out. We were not for, says the young mother. Already yesterday I read about the vaccine and regretted having done it. Now we have to go to Trifouillis-les-oies to find a pharmacy and we are wasting time in the park… ”

A single couple “unaware”

Trifouillis is actually called Le Plessis-Belleville (Oise), and there is a pharmacy that performs antigen tests. It’s a good ten minutes by car, but the visitors to cross Wednesday morning were not discouraged. The spouse with the sanitary pass in order enters the park, the other is good for an in-depth visit of both nostrils.

At Parc Astérix, as at Disneyland Paris (Seine-et-Marne) or Puy-du-Fou (Vendée), a laboratory operates at the entrance to the park. But he did not make a fortune on Wednesday: barely thirty candidates for the test, billed 20 euros to the client and not to Medicare.

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In the queue at La Mer de sable, we see more proof of vaccination than negative tests. The park is suitable for young children, so most adults are parents over 35 or grandparents, who have had plenty of time to get the vaccine. In the morning, a dozen families had encountered difficulties, out of 2,500 people who entered at 11 am, explains Bruno Lemaire, technical director of the site. Only a couple, “Who was not aware”, opposed to vaccination and refusing to be tested, asked for reimbursement. For now, the park refuses to do so.

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