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“Haurus” case: the former DGSI agent sentenced to seven years in prison, two of which were suspended

He was on trial for selling information from protected police files on the darknet. “Haurus”, former agent of the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI), was sentenced Thursday, July 22 to seven years in prison, two of which were suspended by the criminal court of Nanterre.

The prosecution had requested seven years in prison against this 35-year-old former police sergeant, who was being prosecuted for ten counts and had recognized the majority of the charges against him, declaring to have acted out of profit.

Found guilty of all the facts, he left the courtroom handcuffed. His sentence is not adaptable “In order to prevent” new facts, and he is permanently banned from exercising in the public service, the judge said during the deliberation.

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At the hearing last month, “Haurus” said he had started his illicit activities on the dark Net for profit, for ” put some butter on the spinach “, because he was in debt. He sold, for remuneration in bitcoins, confidential data extracted from police files to which he had access: identities, addresses, telephone geolocations.

According to the prosecution, he would have carried out 382 illegitimate searches and charged his services between 100 and 300 euros. He could also manufacture himself or help his clients to prepare false administrative documents or false checks.

At the bar, he had explained that he was no longer this “Thug”, who has “Sunk for ease”. “I’m not that bad. I am aware of the harm I have done, it will never happen again ”, he had declared in court, describing a form “Addictive” who had made him “To lose foot with reality”.

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Location of people found dead

However, he recalled that he had not sold information drawn from the intelligence base of the DGSI, “Cristina”, and that he had simply used files to which all police officers have access.

His companion, accused of being his accomplice, was sentenced to three years in prison, two of which were suspended but released on the count of complicity. One of his clients, tried by his side – a man known in the field of Marseille banditry – was sentenced to three years in prison with a committal warrant. “Taking into account the criminal record”.

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He had asked “Haurus” to give him information allowing the location of several people, some of whom were found dead. This part of the case, still under investigation in Marseille, is worth to “Haurus” another indictment for passive corruption and criminal association with a view to committing organized gang crimes.

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