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Fine of 1,900 euros and 13 points of the license for a 35-year-old driver at a control in Galicia

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A man of Island of Arosa, on Galicia, was surprised last Sunday July 18 with 13 points driving license and 1.900 euros from more in a control of the Local police. The 35-year-old man was driving down a central street in the town as he spoke on the mobile phone, had the ITV without passing and tested positive for alcohol and drugs.

In principle, the policemen asked the individual to stop to punish him with 200 euros plus the withdrawal of three points from the license for driving recklessly when manipulating the telephone. Later it was when he began to break a record violating more than half of the Highway Code.

The Police verified that the vehicle did not have the mandatory Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV), act that they notified to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) to add another sanction of 200 euros. It was already the second fine of the night that accumulated 400 euros.

Something that did not escape the agents at that time was the possibility that the driver was under the influence of alcohol or some other substance, so they proceeded to carry out breathalyzer and drug addiction tests, and were surprised again, when the result was 0.44 in breathalyzer.

Driving with this level of alcohol supposes the withdrawal of others 4 points Y 500 euros more than fine.

So far the situation was already disastrous, but the final fireworks were missing. A drug test that came back positive for both cocaine and THC (marijuana). Although the result has yet to be confirmed, if so, the penalty would increase up to 1,000 euros more in fine and another 6 points less than the card.

This would suppose an accumulation of fines that would amount up to 1.900 euros penalty plus 13 points of the circulation permit, which would mean the total withdrawal of the license.

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