Saturday, July 24

Albert Rivera will direct a leadership postgraduate course with classes from Vargas Llosa and Leopoldo López

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The former leader of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera, will direct at the Center for Higher Education (CES) Cardenal Cisneros a postgraduate degree in political leadership, where more than thirty national and international speakers and teachers will also teach.

According to the center, the nobel prize Mario Vargas Llosa, politicians or former politicians Eduardo Madina, Borja Sémper, Josep Piqué, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón or Nicolás Redondo will also teach the participants.

The former president of Colombia Álvaro Uribe, the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez or the doctor in Economics Daniel Lacalle will be other speakers.

Admission to the postgraduate course will be carried out after a selection process that will consist of a curricular screening phase and a personal interview and the participants will spend a stay in Brussels to meet European political leaders the functioning of European institutions and international organizations.

The CES adds that the program is aimed at professionals in the institutional field, both active public positions and members of their teams, managers of the institutional relations area of ​​the business sector and other professionals from the private sector interested in developing their professional careers. in the realm of politics.

He adds that the speakers will share “exclusively” their own professional experiences, their skills and strengths that have allowed them to advance and lead the world of politics, law, economics or business, as well as the real keys to their successes and failures.

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