Saturday, July 24

A Briton who refused to put on a mask was arrested for assault on a policeman in Benidorm

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On one of the hottest afternoons this July, tourists were enjoying the atmosphere on the busy terraces of Benidorm. The presence of the British, who as of Monday can travel outside their country with fewer restrictions if they are vaccinated, was noted on Wednesday night when a British citizen, visibly drunk according to witnesses, refused to put on the mask when entering the premises of the Levante beach.

At the height of the triangular square, near one of the most visited points of the city for its views, the attention was directed to a 28-year-old British man who he yelled for a beer. Rado, one of the people in charge of the Tiki Town Beach Club, remembers him clearly from the moment he entered the terrace of his premises. “I was very hurt. You could see that it was not going well from the street, “he tells this newspaper.

His behavior proved it. The young man decided that the planter on the terrace was the appropriate place to urinate and lowered his pants before the audience present. The waiters at the store, as Rado explains, quickly called his attention not to do so. “And he fastened them as if nothing was wrong and asked for a beer, to which we said no, please go away,” he says. Despite the refusal received, the young man kept thinking that he should be treated and he sat at one of the tables on the terrace, waiting to be served.

The waiters insisted that he leave, but the young Briton interpreted this as a call to pacing the bar tables while yelling who wanted to stay. Rado then saw a local police car on patrol and rushed over to ask for their help. He explained what was happening and the agents intervened to assist him.

In the eyes of the authorities, at first, the young man obeyed and went out on the walk to talk to them. The situation seemed under control and he was allowed to go. Rado and the others present went back to their tasks, thinking that the unpleasant episode was over.

But it was not like that.

Attached to the TikiTown Beach Club is a Burger King chain establishment. The young Briton decided to repeat his openly aggressive behavior to demand more beer, as collected by the local police report. As police sources explain, the merchants were concerned because the young man without a mask continued to maintain a violent attitude. Therefore, they asked for more reinforcements to control what seemed to be complicated.

That’s how it went. Instead of responding to the call to order that the agents were making, the young man decided that the best escape was to get on the police quad with which they had come to the promenade. The policemen, surprised by the unexpected departure of the Briton, confronted him to get him out of the vehicle. But he did not respond to their requests.

The attempt to control a Briton who had allegedly had too much to drink had not worked. The young man strongly pushed one of the policemen so that it fell to the ground. His teammates quickly reduced him to prevent the situation from getting even more complicated. The young man had attacked, “like a madman”, an agent of the authority, who would later need medical attention for minor injuries to his elbow, both knees and back.

Moved to dependencies, it is arrested for attack against an agent of the authority and is awaiting processing.

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