Friday, December 3

The Government believes that the Constitutional Court did not make the “effort to put their minds in March” of 2020

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Isabel rodriguez, Minister of Territorial Policy and Government spokesman, has bet this Monday that if the magistrates of the Constitutional Court “had made the effort to put their minds on the concrete situation that was experienced those March 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 -of 2020-, surely if they had put their heads there, perhaps they would have interpreted the law in another way “, referring to the decision to declare contrary to the Magna Carta the confinement of the population through the state of alarm to try to stop the spread of the Covid-19.

“My utmost respect for the Constitutional Court,” Rodríguez continued, interviewed by Cadena SER, “but we lived through such hard times that public officials had to do the best we could with the anguish of the dead. It is what we had on our tables and We cannot forget that context to see how the declaration of a state of alarm was managed, by the way, endorsed by all the parties, also for which he appealed “.

The new spokeswoman for the executive of Pedro Sanchez he has argued that the state of alarm “was useful” and that “no one would have understood having to stop 15 days to debate it in Parliament.” “There was no time for debate,” he insisted. Regarding the choice of the alarm and not the exception, he has argued that the first option “is more guaranteeing with the rights of citizens”, which he wanted to emphasize that “they showed themselves in their best version”, for which he endorses not to go “further”.

Asked if the members of the Constitutional Court “may feel attacked” by the Government, in case all its members – in relation to United We Can – have also shown their “maximum respect” for the institution, Rodríguez replied that “the Government is in its freedom to defend a political approach of how it was acted “. In his opinion, it was done “with prudence, proportionality, with guarantees and with decisions that saved lives.”

“I am clear about what Cuba is”

Regarding the current moment, with an increase in infections close to the fact that half of the population has received the two doses of the vaccine, the minister believes that “the health laws and the context of competences are sufficient”, so she does not contemplate measures extraordinary. Of course, he asks for “prudence” and “one last effort” from the population, which he does not blame for the growth of cases (“we are human beings and we all saw the light at the end of the tunnel”), nor from the young (“all we have been “).

Asked by Catalonia, Rodríguez has not deviated from the message of her predecessors in her two new responsibilities, Miquel Iceta Y Maria Jesus Montero, advocating “to meet again personally and politically” and for “within the framework of the Constitution and the law everything fits and outside, nothing”, on a hypothetical referendum of self-determination.

The last subject of the interview was Cuba, with a direct question: “Are you clear about what Cuba is?” The answer was brief: “I am clear about what Cuba is and also what I have to say as a minister: Cuba is not a democracy. There are certain diplomatic rules that must be exercised, for the benefit of the Cuban and Spanish people.”

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