The cultural battle has been won by the right

The proof that the right has already won the cultural battle are the arguments to which the left has had to resort to defend the Cuban dictatorship: – “Blame it on the blockade” (ergo “even a 100% socialist regime depends on trade with capitalism for its survival because it is unable to produce even the […]

Violence is the great leveler of history

The authors of the classical utopian novels were obsessed with the notion of equality. In almost all his utopian approaches, the suppression of private property of the means of production (sometimes even of all private property) was proposed, like any other distinction between rich and poor. In his 1602 novel, Sun City, the philosopher Tommaso […]

In “Ad Vitam”, Alex Vizorek stages death

Alex Vizorek, in Paris, in June 2020. GILLES COULON / BLURRED TREND Alex Vizorek likes opposites, taking serious themes and shaping them into humorous subjects. In this exercise, a priori jaw-dropping, the Belgian actor excels. While his fellow stand-ups use the stage to talk about themselves, Charline Vanhoenacker’s accomplice on France Inter has skillfully chosen […]

Cuban regime blames social media for protests

NETWORKS. The regime blamed networking activity as the basis for the demonstrations / Pixabay Main source of the news: France 24 From Cuba, the local regime pointed to social networks as the main factor in the social outbreak that led to massive protests since last weekend. This was stated at a press conference by the […]

Update: Development plan for the Coordinated Attention Campus approved; representation of the unveiled landscape

Article content On Monday night, the Grande Prairie City Council approved the development permit for its coordinated care campus, which will soon be located on the site of the Stonebridge Hotel and Conference Center. Article content Councilors approved the permit after viewing the landscape plans, which included a common outdoor gathering area for residents of […]