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Trump from the border: “We have a sick country in many ways”

Trump spent much of his time talking about his efforts to build a wall along the border.

HEALTH. Trump suggested that Biden would not do so well / Efe.

Former President Donald Trump declared on Wednesday that both the US elections and US immigration policies are “sick” during an event in Weslaco, Texas, in which he exaggerated his administration’s progress toward reaching its main goal of building a border wall.

“We have a sick country in many ways,” Trump said after receiving a report from Gov. Greg Abbott and other Texas officials. “He is sick in the elections, and he is on the border. And if you don’t have good elections and you don’t have a strong border, you don’t have a country. “

In meandering remarks, Trump repeated his baseless claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him and repeatedly attacked Biden for tampering with some of Trump’s hardline immigration policies.

Trump spent much of his time talking about his efforts to build a wall along the 2,000-mile US-Mexico border, stating that “we built nearly 500 miles of wall despite two-and-a-half years of lawsuits.” and that “they were about to end” when he left office.

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While in office, Trump abandoned his original plan for a concrete wall and agreed to build 30-foot-tall steel bollard fences and vehicle barriers. The plan, at the time Trump left office, called for 738 miles of this “border wall system.”

A fact sheet published by US Customs and Border Protection and the US Army Corps of Engineers showed that, as of January 8, 453 miles of the project had been completed.

Of that, 351 miles were replacement barriers, 47 miles were new barriers, and the remaining 55 miles were “secondary” barriers.

Biden suspended the construction of a wall upon assuming the presidency.

Trump acknowledged Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, and then moved on to a discussion about a cognitive test he took in his final year in office.

“Did I get it right? I got over it, ”Trump said. He suggested that Biden would not do so well.

The Washington Post. Free translation by El Tiempo Latino

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