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We tried the best sangrías in the supermarket with ‘doctor’ Sergio: Lidl, Dia, Mercadona, Carrefour …

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Summer is coming and they feel like it refreshing drinks. We can take the gazpacho or the salmorejo, for example, but sometimes you want it to have a touch of wine. Sanrgy is one of those drinks that each summer becomes one of our favorites. Making it is relatively easy, but in recent times we have already found it made in the supermarket shelves. Without a doubt, a sign that every day it has more followers.

The sangria recipe is easy. Sergio Estevez, economist and lawyer expert in the development of new products, brand extensions and consumer exploration in the food, beverage and spirits sectors, is a founding partner of We taste it. He tells us the simplest recipe to make it.

“Sangria comes from a red wine of equal quality,” says Estévez. He continues with his explanation of the origins. “You lower the temperature of the wine and put two camouflages on it: sugar and macerated fruit. Usually there is orange or cinnamon.”

The best sangrías of the super

On the recipe, Estévez comments. “The best way to do it is to take a medium tupper. You put the wine in it and then you include, so that they mix, the fruit grated, the sugar and the cinnamon. After two hours in the fridge, we strain it and it doesn’t need anything else. “.

– Is it that easy, Sergio?

– You take a wine of 2, 3 or 4 euros, put natural cinnamon, a couple of strawberries, oranges and let it rest for one night and you have a spectacular sangria. And you don’t need to add liquor. That people used to pour liqueurs and others, it is not necessary, that what it does is cover the flavor. Nothing of that.

But before making it at home, at EL ESPAÑOL we have decided to try the best sangrías from the supermarket. Because there are days when we don’t have time to prepare. And others simply may not feel like doing those simple steps.

Sergio, during a moment of the tasting held at EL ESPAÑOL.

Esteban Palazuelos

To do this tasting, you scroll from Barcelona Sergio Estévez. The founding partner of We taste it It specializes in wine and gin tastings. But, in recent times, they focus mainly on wine tests.

– What are we going to value in these indentations?

– What we are going to value the most is that the overall sensation, that is, the drink, seems pleasant and natural, that the taste of the wine is present and that the fruit notes are not too synthetic or not poorly integrated. And then the weight in the mouth. That it is not too stringent, nor too acidic or bitter, that there is no flavor here. Come on, what we mainly value is that, that it is pleasant to the palate. Then in color, for example, they are all similar.

Conde Noble Sangria (Lidl)

Conde Noble is the sangria brand sold at Lidl.

Conde Noble is the sangria brand sold at Lidl.

Esteban Palazuelos

Conde Noble works for Lidl. On the shelves of this supermarket we can find this sangria for a set price of 1.39 euros. It’s not hard to find. It can be taken from the area where the red wines are.

Estévez’s first sensations with this sangria do not seem to be the best. “Very thin nose. It hardly smells of anything. Let’s try it,” he says before putting it in his mouth.

—Explain a little what connotations this sangria has in the mouth.

The taste in the mouth denotes astringency. The truth is that the general taste is fine. It has a certain tanniness that denotes that it is not made with artificial sweeteners. It lacks aroma and flavor. At times it reminds me of an orange whip.

Estévez is a wine taster with his Lo Catamos project.

Estévez is a wine taster with his Lo Catamos project.

The translation, for those who are not in the wine world, is that it is a hard wine that produces a dry sensation in the mouth. It is one of those that leaves you without saliva and dry gums.

Historic Center (Mercadona)

“This one seems to have like bubbles. On the nose it seems like …”, Sergio begins to say in the second bloodletting that he tastes. This is the one sold in Mercadona: Historic House. We have bought it at a price of 1.20 euros and it has 1 liter and a half.

“At the level of flavor the fruit is more noticeable, it is lighter … It’s curious …”, Sergio begins to compare between this sangria and the previous one.

Casón Histórico is Mercadona's own brand.

Casón Histórico is Mercadona’s own brand.

Esteban Palazuelos

“What did you think of this sangria in general?”

The nutritional information is listed here and it has about 8 grams of sugar, but the flavor may be too fruity. Wine has taken a back seat. It tastes like fruit salad. They give me a little curious notes and I don’t know… The nose is also quite striking.

“Here it has more aroma. It has notes of very spicy red wine, very simple, that’s why those notes of fruit appear, but very synthetic. I prefer the first one for now. It seems simpler to me. I’m going to try the party of the day,” he says. Sergio to make way for the next one.

The Party of the Day

La Fiesta del Dia is the brand marketed by the German supermarket

La Fiesta del Dia is the brand marketed by the German supermarket

Esteban Palazuelos

The German supermarket brand has its own private label for sangria and tinto de verano products. Unlike the rest, it is not necessary to look for it: they have the indentation placed on the first shelf that we see as soon as we enter the store.

The price of the sangria called The Day Party is 1.20 euros. Sergio dumps it in the glass, smells it and then takes it to his mouth. The tasting begins to pick up pace.

“What do you think about this product?”

Here the vinous character is a little more noticeable, but hey, we are talking about something very similar to the previous one. It has a correct wine base, sweetened, and it is with sugar, which makes the weight correct. It has the aroma of fruit and the aroma of cinnamon. It’s nice, but it’s not a great taste. What is true is that when cold the aromatic notes fall, which become more evident.

The Fiesta del Dia and Casón Histórico look very similar.

The Fiesta del Dia and Casón Histórico look very similar.

Sergio stops a moment and looks at a detail. All the bottles are similar, except the one from Casón Histórico. Private labels are similar to the one you will try last, Don Simón’s sangria. “They are all produced by J. García Carrión, minus Lidl. The closure is exactly the same. I suppose that each one will have a different recipe, but hey, “he says about it.

Don Simon

Don Simón sangria is the one we usually find in all supermarkets. No matter who we go, Don Simón always appears there. This format has cost us 1.75 euros, although it is true that the brand also sells ‘bricks’ in establishments such as gas stations, where their price shoots up – nothing new under the sun-.

Don Simón's sangria is available in most supermarkets.

Don Simón’s sangria is available in most supermarkets.

Esteban Palazuelos

Sergio puts the glass in his mouth to savor this last sangria. “It has a vinous aroma very similar to the previous ones, although it is true that it has a little more disturbed notes. We find the same as in the previous ones: sugar, water, citric acid and aromas of cinnamon”.

Our expert thinks about everything he has been testing. “They all have really similar recipes. I’m going to do the final review, but choosing is very complicated. They are very similar recipes. Don Simón’s is a little more intense, but we are talking about small nuances,” he says.

“They are very similar. Here I see a little more complexity, more structure,” he comments about Don Simón again. However, he notes that if I had to choose one, I would do it for the price. The differences between the four indents tested are small. “It’s not worth spending another euro. They don’t have artificial flavors, they don’t have weird flavors …”

The final ranking

Don Simón was the clear winner of the tasting.

Don Simón was the clear winner of the tasting.

Esteban Palazuelos

“It seems to me that we would need more real red wine flavor, or a more intense wine. That is, that the wine flavor is present. And more real fruit flavor, a little more citrus flavor”, Sergio says before beginning with the general assessment of the products tasted at the EL ESPAÑOL headquarters.

Despite everything, there is a clear winner for the Lo Catamos expert: “The one I liked the most was Don Simon“.

“Why did you think it was the best?” Explain us a bit.

Don Simón’s seemed to me the most round. They have all seemed pleasant to me, because they have had a correct flavor. They all have sugar and that is positive for the weight in the mouth. It has been positive that they have natural sweeteners too, if they had been artificial they would have tasted harsher. Sugar has done a good job at four o’clock. However, Don Simón had that correct wine note, he had acidity on the palate, good fruit flavor, a pleasant weight. And I would take it, although it is not the best I have ever had, but for a hot day it is wonderful.

Sergio smells one of the prepared samples.

Sergio smells one of the prepared samples.

Esteban Palazuelos

The ranking is completed with the other three, which have a very similar flavor. “The second and third I have a little doubt. We are between DIA and Mercadona. Personally, I liked DIA a little more because I have noticed that the fruit notes are a bit more integrated and the acidity is a bit more marked. But I already tell you that they are relatively similar. “

And finally, the indentation of Lidl It seemed to me the weakest of all. The vinous note had a counterpoint that reminded me a bit of orange. So, I found it more simplistic and had a bit more astringency. It seems to me that it was less palatable. “

Sergio ends with a key conspiracy: “All four are correct indents to enjoy a summer day without much work.”

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