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Ducharme says he’s frustrated, but confident he can come back before the end

Montreal Canadiens’ interim head coach Dominique Ducharme said he was frustrated to be left on the sidelines due to testing positive for COVID-19 and said there was nothing still certain about the length of his period of isolation.

Some media reported on Saturday evening that Ducharme, who has not experienced symptoms of the disease, is expected to remain in isolation for 14 days.

“There is nothing confirmed on that side,” Ducharme insisted in videoconference on Sunday. The organization is in communication with the authorities to look at the situation. We have been isolated since December. “

“We go to the arena to work, we are in a bubble. We all received our two doses of vaccine. There are several factors to look at. It is not my domain to me, but they will make the best possible decision so that everything goes well ”, he assured.

Ducharme, who is 48, has trouble explaining how he could have been infected with the virus. Like the rest of the team who wanted it, he received his second dose of the vaccine on June 9. And although health rules are less strict in Nevada, he said he had been cautious during the Habs recent stay in Las Vegas by respecting NHL protocol.

“We couldn’t leave the hotel and I respected that,” he noted. I went to the hotel gym, which was reserved for us during certain hours. It could be in the elevator. It’s impossible to know. “

“It’s a bit frustrating, especially with being vaccinated twice, the chances are extremely slim. I was apparently not lucky on this one, ”he summed up.

Ducharme appears to have targeted June 23 as the determining date, when two weeks have passed since team members received their second dose of the vaccine. According to information posted on the Quebec public health website, a person benefits from adequate protection against COVID-19 one week after receiving their second dose.

“The members of our bubble received two vaccines. It will be two weeks from June 23. There are plenty of things to consider, hoping to be back as soon as possible, ”insisted Ducharme, who added that his wife had not tested positive and that he had not seen his children since. two weeks.

Remote work

While waiting for his return to his office at the Bell Sports Complex, Ducharme will do as most Quebecers have been doing for over a year and work remotely, from his home.

Assistant coach Luke Richardson pointed out that Ducharme messaged him between periods on Friday night, when the Habs defeated the Vegas Golden Knights 3-2 in overtime to give themselves a 2-1 lead in the half series. -Stanley Cup final.

“I talk to the coaches a few times a day and the players once a day,” said Ducharme, who planned to speak to the players again before Game 4 on Sunday night.

Ducharme even admitted that he might have more time to look into some things during his lockdown. He noted, however, that it had been strange to follow Friday’s meeting on television.

“It’s hard to describe. You feel helpless, but you hope for the best, he said. It is a strange situation that I have never faced.

“The last time I watched a Canadiens game, it must have been three or four years,” said Ducharme, who joined the team in 2018.

Despite the frustration with the situation, Ducharme found a way to stay positive.

“We have worked throughout the season to find ourselves here, he recalled. Personally, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. I want to come back as quickly as possible.

“The players want to continue the course. No matter when I am able to come back, I am confident that we will still play, ”concluded Ducharme.

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