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Govee’s Lyra is the most customizable lamp I’ve ever owned

A few weeks ago, the Govee lighting company approached me and asked if I wanted to check out their floor lamp, the Lyra.

After looking at a photo, they sold me. Thirteen days later, a box wrapped in a large amount of packing tape appeared on my doorstep and I unpacked the Lyra.

While it may come in a fairly small box, once you assemble the lamp, the Lyra is 1.47 meters tall and sheds a surprising amount of light. Before I get too ahead of myself, I should mention that the assembly was as easy as most Ikea furniture, and it came with a small magnetized screwdriver that made it easy to install its little screws.

Lighting up my life

Once configured, there are two ways to control it. One is with the included remote and the other is with the Govee Home app. The remote is nice to have and conveniently magnetizes to the side of the lamp with an included bracket. You can use it to set the brightness, color temperature, toggle between some basic colors, and activate a ‘Rhythm Mode’.

This mode uses a small microphone built into the power brick to make the lights bounce off the sound in the room. It works optimally with music, but reacts to any sound. I admit that it is a bit strange to have a device with a microphone from a company that I don’t really trust sitting in my living room, but I am not that worried because you can use the lamp without an internet connection. .

If you choose to use the app, you are given a significant amount of control. You can control the lamp via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the only difference being that you must be in the same room as Lyra to use Bluetooth. From there, you have all the usual smart light controls, including setting timers, changing colors, and connecting to Alexa or Google Home.

However, the real fun begins once you enter the light mode customization section. You can set each of the eight sections of the lamp to a different color to create original designs and attractive gradients. Taking it a step further, there are several animated scenes that move the lighting and show off some really fun effects. My favorite is called ‘Ripple’, a blue / green gradient that goes up and down the lamp.

Bright light

When it comes down to it, Lyra is a brilliant lamp that performs impressively well. It looks good and its build quality feels more substantial than I would have imagined going into this review.

If you’d like to purchase this lamp, Govee says it will go on sale on Amazon and the company’s website on June 20 for $ 149 USD (approximately $ 181 CAD).

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