Friday, December 3

Gabriel, sentenced to 50 years for beating his children to death in Godella; Maria will go to a psychiatric hospital

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The Third Section of the Provincial Court of Valencia has sentenced Gabriel, the man who the popular jury found guilty of the murder of his two children, to sentences that add up to 50 years in prison – with a maximum of 40 years. Amiel and Ixchel, just six months and three and a half years old. Godella’s patricide shocked Spain in March 2019.

Instead, the sentence acquits the mother, Maria, although he considers her to be the co-author of the crimes. It was unimpeachable for “the concurrence of the complete defense of psychic anomaly, due to the mental illness that suffers”, as it has specified this Wednesday the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV).

However, the Provincial Court imposes “a custodial security measure consisting of internment in a psychiatric center appropriate to the treatment of her pathology. “The magistrate who presided over the Jury Court has modified the personal situation of the woman, who was in preventive detention for these events, and has agreed to her immediate provisional release.

The accused will now be transferred from the Picassent Penitentiary Center to the Acute Psychiatric Hospitalization Unit of La Fe Hospital in Valencia so that the health personnel examine her and assess whether her non-voluntary admission to a center is appropriate. Your maximum stay will also be 25 years per crime, with a maximum total of 40 years of compliance. Both will be able to enjoy probation for 10 years.

The resolution, which can be appealed before the Civil and Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV), establishes that the two parents must compensate jointly and severally with 300.000 euros to the paternal grandparents of the children and with the same amount, 300,000 euros, to the grandparents by maternal line.

“Send them to the afterlife”

In accordance with the Jury’s verdict, the Valencia Court has declared that it has been proven that parents their two children were murdered on March 13, 2019, a boy of three and a half years and a girl of only six months. They received a multitude of blows, especially to the head, on the plot of the Godella country house where they lived as squatters.

The accused they were convinced of the existence of a sect that persecuted, harassed and sexually abused the child, to the point that they took turns holding night watches to avoid being attacked and their children being kidnapped, according to the court ruling.

Driven by those beliefs and ideas that the man instilled in his sentimental partnerThey decided that the only way to protect minors was to subject them to a “purifying bath”, “to end their lives and send them to the afterlife so that they could later revive”.

In this way -the sentence continues-, on the night of the events, between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., “Acting by mutual agreement in the execution of such plan, doing and letting each other do it”, they took their children, bathed them in the pool of the house and ended their lives with blows.

The Hearing indicates, as the jury declared proven, that at the time of committing the crimes the mother of the minors suffered an acute flare of paranoid-type schizophrenia “That completely annulled the psychobiological bases of his imputability (intelligence and will).”

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