Thursday, June 17

The United Kingdom is studying stopping its de-escalation plan and delaying it “at least” 4 weeks due to the Indian strain

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The British Government considers delay at least four weeks, until the end of July, the final phase of his deconfinement plan, given the increase in infections driven by the Delta variant initially detected in the India, reports this Saturday the BBC.

According to the public channel, the Conservative Executive, which must announce its decision next Monday, is considering as a “first option” to postpone the scheduled date of June 21 until approximately July 19 the total lifting of social restrictions, which would have led to the opening of discos and the elimination of the limit of people who can join, as well as possible travel facilities.

Many scientists have opined in recent days that the de-escalation of the confinement imposed last January should be delayed to prevent a third wave of the pandemic, until there are more people vaccinated.

The Head of the Research Unit on Health Protection from Emerging Infections at the University of Liverpool, Tom Salomon, told the BBC today that the country cannot afford to make “a bad decision and open on June 21 and weeks later to realize it was wrong and have to start over.”

The President of the British Medical Association (BMA), Chaand Nagpaul, He noted on Friday that the risk for the Delta variant is not only that the number of hospitalizations increases, but “for the health of many young people (not yet vaccinated), who may suffer long-term consequences.

96% of cases of Indian variant

Experts estimate that 96% of new cases of covid-19 in British territory are now due to that variant, that is 60% more transmissible than the one that until now dominated in the country, the Alpha, initially registered in the English county of Kent.

According to the latest official data, between Thursday and Friday they were registered in the United Kingdom 8,125 infections of the virus, 58.1% more than a week ago, with 17 deaths 28 days after testing positive, 10.9% more.

There are currently more than 29 million people immunized with the two prescribed doses of vaccines, 55.4% of the adult population.

Experts estimate that even if deconfinement is postponed, the UK could reach the 15,000 daily infections by June 21 and to reach infection levels in July comparable to those of last January, when the current confinement was imposed.

This makes it increasingly unlikely that the Government can authorize a reopening of tourism, with the expansion of the number of countries included in its “green” list of safe destinations, which Spain aspires to join.

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