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Tesla’s Plaid Model S is the fastest production car of all

Elon Musk once again took the stage, late, to reveal the world’s fastest production car, the new Plaid trim of the Model S.

While the car’s ridiculously fast 0-100 in 2.1 seconds of speed was the bulk of the show, Musk also showed off new engine technology that can maintain 1,000 horsepower up to 200 miles per hour (326 km / h).

Based on what Musk said on stage, the car also features a slightly redesigned exterior to achieve the lowest drag coefficient of 0.208, which is the lowest of any car ever made.

Canadians will be happy to know that Telsa also improved the heat pump and thermal design, making it more efficient, so it consumes less battery to heat the cabin and can cool faster when repeating 0-100km runs. / h over and over and over again.

After exaggerating the car’s driving specifications, Musk also said that the car is designed with maximum safety. He said the car has yet to be tested by the US government, but since Tesla has such a good record with its crash safety ratings, he hopes the new Model S will also be the safest Tesla of all. time.

If you recall Tesla’s new redesigned interiors from January, this appears to be similar, with a clean design and the controversial hairpin steering wheel. Musk took some time to tackle the yoke-style steering, saying it’s useful and since it doesn’t block the instrument cluster display, it helps make the car feel more immersive.

After talking about the group screen, he also mentions that the main screen is now in landscape, so you can watch content or play video games while you wait for your car to charge. That new screen also has new Tesla software with a slightly updated look, draggable windows, and a dock for your apps at the bottom of the screen. Overall, it appears to be much more intuitive and similar to laptops or iPads than other car infotainment displays. Once again, he mentions that the car has PS5-level gaming performance. During the event, it showed someone playing Cyberpunk 2077 on the live screen.

He also said that the car needs to be smart enough to know when you want to go in reverse or forward and it will remember how you drive the car, so you will need to enter fewer commands into the car as it learns how you interact with it. . Hopefully this should make up for the lack of driving actions behind the new wheel, but only time will tell if drivers adapt to giving up more control over their cars.

Before he stopped talking about the interior, he also mentioned that the new Model S can take multiple Bluetooth sources and has a 35-watt power supply even to charge some laptops.

The car is now available to order and has a Price of 169,000 Canadian dollars and a range of 628 km.

Fountain: Tesla

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