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Juana Rivas enters an insertion center in Granada to serve her sentence of 2 and a half years

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Juana Rivas has entered the Matilde Cantos de Granada Social Insertion Center (CIS) to serve the final sentence of two and a half years in prison for not having delivered his children to the father in the summer of 2017, as reported this Friday by his lawyer, Carlos Aránguez.

After 10:00 hours, Juana Rivas has accessed the center, issuing a statement shortly afterwards in which she acknowledged that “these are very difficult moments”, and what does the “very unfair” decision.

The lawyer already advanced that this neighbor of Maracena (Granada) was not going to “evade” the admission to prison decreed by the Criminal Court 1, although he again accused this body of not “addressing any of the arguments” that he had transferred as part, among others, the appeals and reform appeals that he has presented against his imprisonment.

“Of course, We will use all legal avenues so that this situation lasts for the shortest possible time., especially the estimate of our appeal “against the order of May 27, 2021 in which the Criminal Court number 1 of Granada agreed to the arrest and entry into prison of Rivas, as well as” for the classification in third degree penitentiary and the granting the total pardon “, for its part, the Aránguez law firm, which represents it, has indicated in a statement.

Rivas, who has also requested a pardon from the Government, is firmly condemned for having remained in the summer of 2017 for a month in unknown whereabouts with her two children so as not to hand them over to the father, the Italian Francesco Arcuri, who in 2009 was convicted of injuring her and whom she reported again for abuse in 2016.

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