Sunday, June 20

Events for the climate on the sidelines of the G7: put an end to “greenwashing”

“Sound the” alarm “: it was one of the rallying cries of the demonstrators mobilized on the sidelines of the G7. Fridays for the Future and Extinction Rebellion, the two movements which have come to make noise under the windows of the Heads of State and Government, have come to recall the urgency that there is to finally get out of fine political speeches.

Jo Flanagan, one of the organizers: “There is a lot of good ecological conscience on the part of politicians, to hear them they are doing a magnificent job, there is a lot of enthusiasm and congratulations, pat on the back and nudge but in fact the gas greenhouse effect continue to increase “.

What is striking during these demonstrations for the climate is the youth of the activists.

Jill Eastland, artist and activist: “The young people who walk for Fridays For the Future are an inspiration, they are amazing and if we have hope, hope is with them and not with our lying, rich and conceited leaders who come together for the G7 “.

More than 500 people attended the rallies, which took place peacefully and without violence.

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