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Bowser prioritizes reducing personal car use in DC

Bowser has emphasized recent investments to address safety concerns, including $ 5 million to upgrade the traffic control system

POLITICS. Muriel Bowser presented the program / EFE

Among the policy priorities and initiatives in the $ 17.5 billion budget proposed by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is reducing personal car use in a post-pandemic world, while promoting cycling and other modes of travel. more sustainable transportation.

The mayor’s spending plan for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1 includes tens of millions of dollars to repair the city’s road infrastructure as projects for buses, bicycles and pedestrians advance.

“As the District reopens and more residents are actively coming home, work, school, we are seizing the opportunity to accelerate our sustainability goals,” Bowser recently told the DC Council. “Car-free lanes are a great investment in this budget, as well as a focus on how we can reclaim our streets for public use.”

According to Bowser and the budget documents, the city would emphasize improving safety, promoting equity and addressing climate change.

The council began deliberating on transportation proposals on Thursday, giving high marks to a financial plan that they say addresses some of the residents’ needs, such as expanded bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, while raising concerns about the Bowser’s spending on his signature road safety initiative: Vision Zero.

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Budget for a road improvement

Councilwoman Mary M. Cheh, who chairs the panel’s transportation committee, said Bowser’s budget is unclear on funding the implementation of the Omnibus Zero Vision Improvement Act, a package of comprehensive road safety measures passed. last year to reduce the growing number of traffic accidents and deaths in the District. The bill remains largely unfunded.

Bowser has emphasized recent investments to address safety issues, including $ 5 million this year to upgrade the city’s automated traffic control system and add more speed and red light cameras to detect misbehavior on the road. highway. Another $ 5 million will be spent to fix dangerous intersections, improve crosswalks, and add more signage.

During the mayor’s budget presentation, Cheh said changes are likely to come after a more detailed analysis of the mayor’s proposals, but he praised the plan.

“I am pleased to see that there are a number of investments to continue to support our economic recovery,” he said. “Overall, this is a very good budget.”

The budget includes more than $ 2.3 billion from the federal United States Rescue Plan to be used over the next four years.

The Washington Post. Free translation by El Tiempo Latino

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