Sunday, June 20

Android 12’s color-changing UI is available in Beta 2 and looks fantastic

Android 12 Beta 2 brought a ton of new features when it arrived this week, including the color-changing ‘Monet’ UI elements.

I got to play Beta 2 on a Pixel 4 and Pixel 4a 5G and it’s really cool, albeit with a few bugs. However, I’m sure Google will fix those issues before launch. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can enroll eligible Pixel phones for beta here, although I recommend that you wait if you are uncomfortable running beta software or troubleshooting bugs and other issues that may stem from running beta software. .

Anyway, to begin with, Ars Technica review editor Ron Amadeo posted a great breakdown of Monet’s color in Android 12 on Twitter. It displays six different wallpapers with the corresponding colors applied by Android 12 to interface elements such as the lock screen clock and quick setting tiles.

Of course, the system is not perfect either. Amadeo goes on to point out that Monet sometimes selects colors that are not ideal, and this can happen more often with wallpapers with many different colors. However, an easy remedy for this would be if Android 12 offered a selection of colors to users so that they could choose the end result. Alternatively, Google may tweak the system further before launch to avoid certain color combinations that don’t look good or can be difficult to read.

In my own tests, I found that Android 12 often gets stuck on colors after changing the wallpaper. For example, change from a wallpaper that generated a pink hue for quick settings to a blue wallpaper; Some items, such as the lock screen clock, turned blue, but Quick Settings remained pink. A reboot sets things straight, but hopefully the final version doesn’t require a reboot after every wallpaper change to correct colors.

In that sense, it is important to remember that Android 12 is still a beta, which means that things are not final and can change. Android 12’s sleek color-changing interface works, even if you have a few issues, that should be expected in a beta version. When Android 12 is released in the fall, I think Google will have solved most of these problems.

Also, that absolute volume slider unit is gone now, replaced by the much better one seen in the images above, so it’s a huge bonus.

Fountain: Ron Amadeo

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