Sunday, June 20

Activists mobilized on the sidelines of the G7 in Cornwall

In Cornwall, activists call on G7 leaders for more action to ‘solve environmental and social crises’.

Joe Biden and Boris Johnson in an inflatable version in Cornwall: it is one of the punch actions organized by a coalition of British associations called “Crack the crisis”. Its activists are rising to the front to call on the G7 leaders to action. Faced with the urgency of climate and social issues, they believe it is necessary to change course.

We know that the path we are on now is going in the wrong direction. It is damaging for people, for nature, our economies are bankrupt. We have to take a different path. We must work together to build a society that is sustainable, that is green, a society that is viable and just“, says Ruth Valerio of the NGO Tearfund, member of the” Crack the crisis “coalition

“Mount Recyclemore” made from electronic waste

Another spectacular action on the sidelines of the G7 is this monumental work made from electronic waste. Dubbed “Mount Recyclemore”, it is a nod to the American Mount Rushmore Memorial. It features the seven leaders attending the summit.

Let’s try to build things that we can fix, let’s build things that last longer, don’t have to have the latest new every time, let’s find a way to deal with that before we end up buried under our trash“, proclaims the artist behind the project, Joe Rush.

Isolated in the south-west of England, Carbis Bay and its region are drawing the attention of the world. In this coastal zone, rising water levels, erosion, and more generally the environment are at the heart of the concerns. Here as elsewhere, NGOs and residents hope that the G7 will keep its promises in this area.

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