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The perpetrator of Lisette Corbeil’s murder had been making disturbing comments for months

The 49-year-old man behind the murder of Lisette Corbeil on Wednesday had made disturbing comments in recent months and was being followed by a suicide prevention center, which last year prompted a police officer to demand the seizure of the many firearms and ammunition he kept at home.

David Joly and Lisette Corbeil were found lifeless Wednesday morning in a residence on Route Marie-Victorin, in Contrecoeur. The Sûreté du Québec (SQ), which is leading the investigation, has since confirmed “that it would be the murder of a woman followed by suicide”.

“The investigation allowed to believe in these circumstances”, indicated to the Duty a spokesperson for the police force, Valérie Beauchamp, who however could not advance Thursday on the injuries which would have been inflicted on the woman, since autopsies have yet to take place. Mr. Joly would also be the ex-spouse of the 56-year-old woman, who thus became Wednesday the 12th victim of feminicide in Quebec since the beginning of the year.

“Suicidal” remarks

Last September 17, Mr. Joly would have made “suicidal remarks” and “threatened to commit suicide”, indicates a request for an order for prohibition of possession of weapons made then by a police officer of the Richelieu intermunicipal police board -Saint Laurent.

“Following the intervention of the crisis center, the level of suicide risk is moderate according to the gradation scale of the crisis center L’Accès”, indicates the civil request, which reports a man in “the state disturbed mind ”. The organization in question offers crisis monitoring and suicide prevention services in several municipalities, including Contrecoeur.

That same evening, shortly after 11:30 p.m., the police officer seized four 12 caliber firearms and another 30-06 caliber weapon in Mr. Joly’s residence, on the Marie-Victorin road. The officer also found a license to possess and acquire firearms, three hunting licenses and boxes containing several thousand ammunition of different calibers, indicate court documents consulted by The duty.

Subsequently, two successive postponements will take place concerning Mr. Joly’s hearing at the Court of Quebec on his possession of firearms, delays related in particular to the fact that the man “would be hospitalized”. So it was finally on January 5 that a judge banned David Joly from having in his possession any type of weapon, including firearms and ammunition. This ban was scheduled to end on August 31, 2021.

Asked Thursday evening, the SQ was unable to indicate whether any firearms were found as part of the ongoing investigation.

A grieving community

The death of Lisette Corbeil created a shock wave in the municipality of Contrecoeur, in Montérégie, which has a little over 8,000 inhabitants. The businesswoman also worked for the City for five years, from 2015 to 2020, as Director of the Economic Development Department. She had been working for the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and Industry ever since.

“We are a tightly knit community. He is a person who was involved in several organizations. So, it’s a whole community that is in mourning, ”underlines the Duty the mayoress of Contrecoeur, Maud Allaire, who remembers a “very intelligent, very brilliant” work colleague. Former colleagues and friends of Ms. Corbeil have also described a woman “of integrity”, generous and intelligent, who leaves a great void behind her.

“I can hardly believe in the violent death of a woman whom I liked so much to be around as much in my professional as personal life”, also wrote on social networks the deputy of Verchères to the National Assembly, Suzanne Dansereau.

In order to prevent this tragedy from happening again, Ms. Allaire invites citizens to dare to “ask for help if they are in distress”. “It is up to each of us to raise awareness if we perceive violence,” said the mayoress of Contrecoeur.

An increase in the number of resources for women victims of domestic violence is also necessary, argues the director of the Entre Ailes Women’s Center, located in Sainte-Julie, Sylvie Riendeau Langlais. The organization serves women from Contrecoeur in particular.

“There are women sometimes who need to move away to have access to security. It’s problematic, ”she emphasizes.

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