Thursday, June 17

In Corsica, bars and restaurants targeted by arson

Four fires targeted bars, restaurants and a construction company, on the night of June 7 to 8, from the south to the north of Corsica, injuring one person and causing substantial material damage, without any registration or claim. policy is discovered at the scene.

The prosecutors of Ajaccio and Bastia, which opened several investigations for “destruction or willful damage by fire” and entrusted the investigations to the search brigades of the gendarmerie of Porto-Vecchio, Sartène and Calvi, confirmed that elements indicated well the criminal aspect of this series of nocturnal fires, but did not connect these facts. The hypothesis of attacks perpetrated for a political purpose, of “red nights” succeeding “blue nights” which designated the simultaneous actions of bombings, is ruled out a priori, according to a judicial source.

“Rescue of a nonagenarian”

In the south of the island, in the microregion of Valinco-Sartenais, about sixty kilometers from Ajaccio, the Le Festival bar, located in the center of the seaside resort of Propriano, suffered the start of a fire. on his terrace at 11:53 p.m., according to the parquet floor. Seventeen minutes later, in the neighboring town of Sartène, the construction company Gédimat was in turn engulfed in flames. “Several outbreaks of fires with devices using hydrocarbons, in particular on a dump truck and on the storage area were noted”, points out the Ajaccio prosecutor, Carine Greff.

In Bonifacio, the terrace of B’52, a summer hotspot for the jet-set, was devastated by flames around 3.50 am. At the same time, in Calvi around 3.30 am a bar, the Eden Port , suffered extensive damage caused by a firing device coupled to two gas cylinders. “The fire completely destroyed the establishment, spread to the bakery located above and required the rescue of a nonagenarian living nearby”, said the prosecutor of Bastia, Arnaud Viornery.

These fires occurring during the election period stirred the local political community which expressed its indignation and its support for traders. If no lead, according to the established formula, is currently privileged, corroborating sources say “Troubled” by the temporal continuity of these facts, but also by the nature of the establishments concerned, and fear seeing them as the forerunner of a “Foreshadowing of violence within island banditry before the summer”.

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