Tuesday, May 18

Working time: atypical negotiations at the Paris City Hall

A curious social negotiation is coming to an end at the Paris City Hall. Plenary meeting Tuesday, May 18, at the Town Hall, inter-union demonstration Thursday, calls to disengage one hour a day throughout the week: the external signs are those of classic negotiations between an employer decided to review the organization of work and unions who show their muscles to defend social gains. Except that in this case the elected representatives of Paris and the unions seem to agree on the essentials. Their common objective is, in a way, to manage to increase working time … without increasing working time.

It all started with the law of August 6, 2019 on the transformation of the public service. Its principle is simple: the effective working time of territorial civil servants must be identical to that of the State civil service, the equivalent of thirty-five hours per week. A question of equality, pointed out for a long time by the Court of Auditors. In some communities where officers work less than thirty-five hours, this principle is difficult to pass. In particular in Paris where, during the negotiations with Jacques Chirac, then Bertrand Delanoë, the personnel of the city obtained important leaves.

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“No, we’re not taking it easy”

For the 55,000 or so agents in the city, the benchmark working time is now limited to 1,552 hours per year, instead of the traditional 1,607 hours. “And, in many special cases, this time is reduced even more”, had noted the support of Emmanuel Macron during the municipal campaign. At the time, the macronists campaigned for a reorganization of this device “Derogatory and extremely costly”, which is combined with sometimes high absenteeism. In 2017, the regional chamber of the Court of Auditors estimated the cost of this significant reduction in working time at 74 million euros per year.

No way for Anne Hidalgo to be accused of antisocial management in the midst of the presidential pre-campaign

Now, returning to common law would require Parisian agents to work fifty-five hours more per year, the equivalent of eight days. A perspective strongly contested by the inter-union (CGT, UNSA, UCP, FSU, FO, CFTC), which sees it as a breach of the social pact. “No, we don’t take it easy at the Paris City Hall, gets upset Simon Le Coeur, one of the CGT permanent staff. In my job as a social worker, there is a heavy mental load, and four employees of the city’s nursing homes died from Covid. We must continue to reduce working time, not increase it. ” The motto of the intersyndicale is explicit: “Not a minute more! “

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