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Study online at these 15 accredited Universities in the USA

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What are the advantages of studying at an online university in the United States? In general, online programs tend to have a lower cost, in some cases, which implies a decrease in the budget necessary to access the university.

In addition, it broadens the study opportunity for those who do not reside in the state or city where the university is located and who do not have the means to travel to these places.

Advantages of studying at an online University in the United States

Studying a university degree in the United States is a great option to specialize in an area of ​​knowledge or simply enter a profession to generate more employment opportunities.

Today, technology allows great advantages, among them the increase in the study offer and the modalities of each program, so it is possible to find universities that offer online courses. Know what they are!

15 accredited universities in the United States that offer online courses

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Next, we present 15 universities in the United States that have a catalog of online programs specialized in different areas of knowledge, for you to choose according to your professional interests.

These study programs are distributed throughout the country, so, in addition to having optimal academic preparation, you will have the advantage of accessing prestigious universities.

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Arizona State University offers a large catalog of online programs that promise to help students “change the world” by giving them the confidence they need to reach their full potential.

ASU has more than 200 study options for students who prefer this learning system; Your options include programs for business, arts, design, construction, and many more.

2 Azusa Pacific University – University College

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Thanks to technological and pedagogical advances, it is no longer necessary to go to a campus to obtain the necessary credits that allow access to a university degree, and Azusa Pacific University has specialized in them.

With the arrival of the pandemic, this university has expanded its options with the slogan that the Covid has shaped reality, but has not stopped the advance of humanity. Without a doubt, a great option to get a university degree.

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The University of Colorado Denver is highly regarded, and the promise made to its students online is that they will enjoy the same academic benefits as those on campus.

The University of Colorado Online offers programs of all kinds: from undergraduate degrees to graduate, doctoral, and continuing education programs in various areas of knowledge.

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Post University has offered online courses since 1996, and its academic quality is such that it has earned a place at the top of the ranking of the best study options in the United States.

Post has hybrid options, meaning that alongside online classes, students can access classes on campus. In addition, they include flexible hours and classes on weekends.

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The UF is one of the most prestigious in the United States thanks to its wide variety of programs and its academic quality. The advantage of the UF is that, in it, it is possible to obtain a university degree 100% online.

The age of the students does not matter, since the online academic offer ranges from undergraduate degrees to continuing education, so it will be possible to access postgraduate, doctoral and specialization studies.

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The University of Illinois at Chicago is fully accredited to award academic degrees to students both within the United States and abroad, with an offering of continuing education, postgraduate degrees, and specializations.

Another option offered by the UIC in its virtual modality is that it allows students who are currently studying at another university to transfer their credits and complete their studies in a 100% virtual way.

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The University of Maryland Online may not offer as wide a range of courses as other universities, but its catalog contains more than 90 study options for certificates, postgraduate degrees, doctorates, and majors.

A great advantage of this university is that it does not require payment per application, in addition to having a zero-cost policy on textbooks, as well as an offer of special discounts for students.

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The University of Massachusetts online has an academic catalog of more than 200 study programs divided into different categories and focused on the preparation of professionals with university accreditations and degrees.

The areas of knowledge in which it focuses are education, computer science, political science, engineering, the judicial and criminal system, health sciences, among others.

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The University of Missouri has the option of accessing virtual classes in real time or choosing prerecorded courses. However, among its main objectives is to provide students with a preparation of the highest level.

To achieve this, it is based on the formation of a community, on flexibility and on the constant support of tutors, who have the objective of designing specialized programs for this type of learning.

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The great advantage of the University of New Mexico online courses is that the prices are fixed, both for local students and for people who live outside the United States and who want to receive their training in this country.

With the accelerated programs of the University of New Mexico, the objective is to contribute to the optimal preparation of professionals and give them the foundations they need to enter the labor market as quickly as possible.

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The Rochester Institute of Technology is an excellent option to optimize the time and resources invested in obtaining an academic degree, and has more than 500 virtual programs.

This university has more than 40 years of experience in teaching, and one of its greatest attractions is the percentage of graduates from it: more than 97% of new students successfully complete their studies.

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Texas Tech University operates a global virtual studies program, with more than 80 program options available to students from around the world, alongside the continuing education courses offered.

One of Texas Tech University’s approaches is to equip people who wish to complete a university degree quickly, comfortably and affordably with the necessary tools.

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Liberty University is a school focused on virtual learning. It has all kinds of programs focused on studies such as health sciences, political science, public administration and many more.

In addition, it offers webinars and complementary instruction courses for those who cannot access face-to-face classes; in fact, they have highlighted this characteristic as a differentiating factor when entering the labor market.

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Washington State University makes no distinction between its online students and those studying on campus; thus, by obtaining the diploma, one also has access to the prestige of this important university.

The WSU Online website divides courses into the following categories: business, communication, interdisciplinary studies, science and technology, and social and behavioral sciences.

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The University of the People offers online degrees for students who want to obtain their degrees in an accessible way and without the need to travel to a campus, maintaining a collaborative approach to achieve success.

Through a Tuition-Free program, the University of the People brings academic studies closer to those who do not have the financial resources to complete their university studies.

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