Sunday, June 20

Carbon neutrality: the IEA recommends immediately abandoning any new fossil fuel project

It is a monumental task, but essential to ensure a liveable future. Here is the message of the IEA, the International Energy Agency, which delivers its roadmap to keep global warming below 1.5. ° Celsius.

To achieve the goal of “net zero emissions” in 2050, the agency advocates a radical and systemic change: the world must immediately abandon any new oil or gas project, and stop its investments in coal. The agency recommends d” ban the sale of combustion vehicles from 2035. Thus, the global electricity sector will already have achieved net zero emissions by 2040.

In total, the IEA delivers 400 recommendations. In particular, it considers it necessary to quadruple the rate of development of renewable energies by 2030, while tripling the current rate of reduction in energy consumption.

Creation of many jobs

The major transformations advocated by the IEA will have a cost: thus investments in the energy sector will have to increase from $ 2,000 billion to $ 5,000 billion per year by 2030. But this increase in investment could lead to increased global growth and create many new jobs, says the agency.

Many cities around the world are on the path to this transition. This is the case of Lisbon, which invested nearly 60 million euros in April to develop its public transport. 15 new trams and 30 electric buses will soon be put into service.

“We know that in Lisbon, most of our emissions come from transport, and we must therefore act in this area, explains Miguel Gaspar, deputy mayor of Lisbon in charge of mobility. We have a strong policy to promote public transport . We have reduced the tariffs, and last year the demand increased by almost 30%. “

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