Tuesday, May 18

Normal people

Connell and Marianne grew up in the same small town in Ireland. Appreciated by all, he is a distinguished athlete and a very good student from a working-class background, while Marianne, the nerd who brushes against the walls of the school, is rich and has no friends. A few months before the end of their secondary school, they will develop a discreet relationship. Love or friendship ? In Dublin, where they will both study English literature at the prestigious Trinity College, the young woman will blossom and the roles will slowly be reversed, at the mercy of an endless and subtle love story. After Conversations with friends (L’Olivier, 2019), the 2e Irish Sally Rooney’s novel, born in 1991, has also enjoyed well-deserved critical and popular success. Sentimental education of young adults today, Normal People draws the trajectory of two beings who, perhaps in spite of themselves, are nothing like “normal people”. The novel was adapted into a television series in 2020 with all the finesse, clarity and intensity that characterizes the writing of the Irish writer.

Normal People

★★★ 1/2

Sally Rooney, translated from English (Ireland) by Stéphane Roques, L’Olivier, Paris, 2021, 320 pages


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